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Kangaroo Island INTRODUCTION

For an island whose name spoils part of the surprise, Kangaroo Island (or ‘KI’ as the locals call it) is remarkably rich with the unexpected. 

Yes, kangaroos most certainly call this stunning sanctuary home, however there’s a little more to it than the (admittedly cute) marsupial. 

Waves crash onto beaches packed with rare sea lions, a warm breeze rustles the trees in which koalas hold their cubs, and the grass gives way to playful tammar wallabies, too. 

Much larger than most would expect (this is mainland Australia’s third largest island), this slow-paced piece of land is brimming with rugged, natural beauty. 

The Remarkables Rocks are a popular spot, with their strange shapes carved out by an era of rain, wind and waves, as is the Admirals Arch, a stalactite-covered rock bridge eroded over time. 

Explore the surrounding farmlands and small towns to sample artisan cheeses and wines, then settle in to enjoy a delectably local, seasonal dinner. 


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