About us

At South Pacific by Design, your tedious trip planning fuels our tenacious tendencies. We’re travelers, type-A’s and go-getters who have traversed the world to gather all its best offerings. We find a thrill in completely customizing your ideal itinerary, and in navigating the nitty gritty until your trip is silky smooth. Sure, it’s a process full of finite details and ‘what-if’ plan b’s, but we truly love doing it, and that’s the kind of passion that shows.

Of course, we can’t take all the credit. With fantastic friends in all the right places, we work alongside a talented team of hoteliers, tour operators and other friendly faces who know the place you’re exploring like the back of their hand. Our standards are admittedly high, but so are theirs, and together we’ll ensure that your experience is memorable, authentic and beyond everything you expected.

Our team

Michelle Kaech

Product Manager

Jennifer Condie

Director of International Sales

Gary Duffy

Founder / Owner